High quality Differential Fuel Flow Meter

g4n01flow fuel meter

G4N01FLOW is a genuine intelligent fuel flow meter designed for utility vehicle capable to measure and calculate two fuel pipelines. The product is compliant with the vehicle industry standard, built to work in extreme conditions and to deliver reliable information.

The sensor is connectable to a telematic device trough a K-line bus and a proprietary protocol allowing a permanent exchange of information of events, states and fuel consume. Thus the electrical installation is reduced to a 3 wire cable which allow a considerable communication distance between the fuel sensor and the telematic device.

Hardware Features

  • High quality of the mechanics that ensures a high-precision measurement
  • Lamps indicating the functional status of the fuel meter and the flow speed
  • Automatic detection of the flow direction of the fuel trough the inlet nozzles
  • K-line output interface connectable directly to the Platform3 GPS Trackers
  • Multiple sensors can be connected on the same K-line bus on individual addresses
  • The sensor prevents the jamming of the piston and allows the passing of the fuel
  • Installation procedure do not require any modification of the existing pipeline
  • Internal software detects and reports any attempt of intrusion and fuel theft
  • Compatible fuels: diesel fuel, boiler fuel, fuel oil, bio-fuels, gasoline and petrol

System & event reported information

  • Fuel volume is a cumulative counter reported periodically to the GPS Tracker
  • Reported running state: idle, normal operation, overloaded consume
  • Fuel theft event is reported as a particular state when the fuel flow is abnormal
  • Negative flow event reported when the fuel flow is on the opposite direction
  • Hijacking event is reported on the magnetic intervention on the sensor's case
  • 2-way flow differential calculation
  • Compact 2-chamber system
  • Connectable to the existing fuel pipeline system of the vehicle
  • Built-in temperature compensation
  • High-precision measurement
  • Fuel flow auto-detection
  • Optimized design for automotive
  • Integrated intelligent electronics
  • Remote configuration over GSM
  • Output data via K-line interface
  • Hijacking & Fuel Theft detection

Technical Specifications

General Parameters Power input +10 .. 50 Vdc
Power consume <25 mA @24V
Vehicle industry standard
Enclosure size 129x85x37.5 mm
Protection class IP56
Temperature range -40 .. +85C
Indication lights for status
Multipol water-proof connector
Hydraulic Specifications Max. flow rate: 100/250/500 l/h
Min. flow rate: 5/10/25 l/h
Measuring accuracy ±1%
Max. pressure 2.5 MPa
Nominal pressure 0.2 MPa
Min. / Max. kinematic viscosity 1.5 / 6 mm2/s
Allowed impurity size <0.1 mm
Filtering degree of fuel 0.08 mm
Hydraulic connection M14x1.5
K-line Interface Speed rate: 9600bps, 8N1
Multinode protocol