• gps4net products gps trackers and navigation
    GPS4NET is providing a business adapted GPS Trackers product range. All devices are including genuine technology featuring applications such as Personnel Time Tracking, Asset Tracking, Driver Behavior, Vehicle Performance and real-time alarming for multiple trigger sources. Products available today are based on Platform2 and Platform3 which are mature and stable products that are based on G4NRTOS, a proprietary real-time operating system optimized for telematics.
  • gps4net products can and obd2 interfaces
    Since 2006 GPS4NET is producing CAN-bus and J-bus devices dedicated for the communication with the electrical system of the utility vehicles. Our long experience allowed us to fully develop our proprietary algorithms for data decoding and processing and increased the compatibility with a wide range of machinery brands. Today a full range of products is provided for full interaction with sensors, board-computers and electrical systems.
  • gps4net products sensors and peripherals
    Based on our proprietary technologies, we have developed sensors for specific application which are fully integrated with our acquisition interfaces. Products such as G4N02TMP are embedding a temperature or humidity sensor with a CAN-bus interface, or with an ISM900 for remote communication of acquired information. Most of our sensors are supported with third-party acquisition interfaces or are provided as OEM products.
  • gps4net products radio
    Starting with our first products made in 2003, our hardware was among the first to integrate a radio communication interface dedicated for maintenance or interaction with peripheral devices. Around the G4NISM radio interface a complex radio communication solution was researched. The radio protocol itself was developed from the scratch in order to outperform in automotive environment and in the same time to be low-power. The G4NISM was integrated in sensors, FMS interfaces, GPS trackers, maintainance interfaces and today is migrated from 2.4Ghz to 867Mhz for maximizing the range and speed. The protocol and the interface design are proprietary and are not available for public use but can adapted into OEM products.
  • gps4net products software solutions
GPS4NET is offering a wide range o products dedicated for specific business activities. Most of the product are elements of business oriented solution and are designed to work as plug-and-play among them based on proprietary algorithms, protocols and logic. In case of special demands, GPS4NET is adapting its own technology to OEM development being able to respond to most of the application requirements.